I was

but GOD.

fervent surrent to christ

I pray that my mess can be a message for someone who is going through something today, and that my testimony of God’s goodness, mercy and grace will get you through this test.

I write because it brings peace. Desiring a space to be transparent with my life and everything that I have gone through, I created this blog. Words aren’t just sounds or letters strung together for semantics in my mind’s eye. Each individual word tells its story, carries purpose, and profundity to me.

fervent surrender to christ woman worshipping

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Homeschool is about so much more. The family time is a treasure, the relationships, the learning, the lifestyle, the discipleship... It's not about keeping them from something, but about giving them something. It doesn't shelter - it FREES!
fervent surrender to christ child cooking and rolling dough